Menstrual period is a natural process that happens when intended pregnancy doesn’t happen after ovulation that particular month. Once girls reach puberty, ovaries start releasing egg every month. At the same time, uterine lining prepares by thickening and storing nutrients for potential implantation.  If fertilization of the egg didn’t happen hence no pregnancy, lining of the uterus shreds resulting in menstrual period. Abnormal bleeding is seen if any of these processes go wrong.

I am writing about most common myths I hear from patients, friends and family……

Myth:: “Birth control pills that stop periods are not good or natural. My body needs to clean itself every month”. Good news is your uterus lining is not accumulating any toxins that needs to be cleaned. Your body’s toxins are cleared by kidneys mostly. Its just that uterine lining shreds as it’s not needed anymore as pregnancy didn’t happen that month. By being on hormonal contraception, ovulation process is suppressed and uterus lining is thinned out. That is why bleeding is lighter or absent in some women who are on birth control.

Myth:: ” My period came early this month as my room mate had the period this week”. We as medical community can’t  present any evidence for the myth that  women sync their periods when they live in close proximity to each other. There are only 4 weeks in a month after all. Chances are it’s a coincidence….

Myth:: “Birth control pills can mess up my chances of getting pregnant down the road and can cause infertility when I stop them”. In most cases where women have difficulty getting pregnant after stopping pills, the reason is they are started on pills to regulate period for some underlying gynecological issue that itself can cause difficulty getting pregnant. Pills are out of your body with in 24-48 hrs….hence the reason why women can get pregnant if they miss pills.

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