What is the VeLVET Study?

The VeLVET study is a clinical trial done to show relevance that vaginal estrogen and fractional CO2 laser therapy are a safe and effective use for Menopause and Genitourinary Urinary Syndrome amongst other issues in peri-menopausal and menopausal women.

What  is  the Purpose /Outcome of clinical Study?

Currently vaginal laser procedures done are not covered by commercial insurance companies and patients must resort to out of pocket costs. The purpose of these trial is to show that vaginal co2 laser is a safe, effective and affordable alternative to vaginal estrogen creams.  While resenting this information the proposed outcome would be for commercial insurances to consider adding it to fee schedules as a viable way to relieve certain problems such as Menopause, Vulva Vaginal Atrophy and Genitourinary Urinary syndrome.