We strive to provide evidence based gynecological care for women of all ages in a personable, respectful, safe, and compassionate environment that puts control back with the patient.

At Montgomery Gynecology, we are planning to gradually adapt insurance-free direct care model to ensure convenient, accessible, transparent, quality care for every patient.

Putting care back in Healthcare and back in the patient’s hands – Without the constraints of the traditional healthcare or insurance companies, we partner with our patients to provide:

Evidence based compassionate HealthCare

Direct Communication

Time & Access When Needed

Direct Care Model

Montgomery Gynecology is taking a novel approach to women’s healthcare needs. Many patients experience barriers to quality healthcare imposed by health insurance plans.

We believe that every patient has the right to make their own healthcare decisions. We put the power of your healthcare back into your hands by utilizing a direct care model.

Direct care modelis aninsurance-free, patient-centric approach that allows for upfront, transparent, reasonable pricing along with exceptional convenience and accessibility to quality care.

Price transparency is essential and a top priority in the direct care model. Unlike insurance-based healthcare models, our fees are known PRIOR to treatment. There are no copays, no surprise bills, no arguing with your insurance company.

YOU become the focus of your healthcare again. We don’t have to stop discussing problems in an annual visit or do procedures when needed with a problem visit.

We minimize wait times, both to schedule appointments and once you arrive for your visit.



I’d like to make an appointment. Do you accept my  insurance?


We are happy to care for every patient, regardless of your insurance coverage. Dr. Jonnalagadda is in the process of becoming an independent physician and works directly for her patients. She is in the process of terminating contracts with insurance carriers and does not submit insurance claims. We welcome you to use your out-of-network insurance benefits, such as an HSA or FSA account, to pay for services. We have affordable AND transparent fees for all patients, and payment is due at the time of service.

Hospital owned practice charges are typically high compared to independent physicians as facility charges are added to visit charges.


What happens if I need a prescription, labs, or a biopsy? Can I use my insurance for these items?


You can utilize your health insurance benefits for all your prescriptions, labs, radiology, pathology, and hospital portion of surgery services that are needed for your care. These are managed independently of your office visit fees, which are due at the time of service.

If you do not have health insurance coverage, or if you have a high deductible plan, Montgomery Gynecology has reasonably priced self-pay options for obtaining labs and pelvic ultrasound in future. Please check with staff for pricing.


Why should I get care at an office that does not accept my insurance?


The benefits of utilizing a direct pay, or insurance-free, practice are numerous. We offer convenience, accessibility, transparency, and quality of care that is oftentimes lost in typical insurance-based practices.

Our low wait-times, convenient scheduling, adequate face-to-face time with Dr. Jonnalagadda, and complete price transparency are unique to this approach.

Also, often insurances payment processes restrict physicians from providing convenient care of addressing problems along with annual visits or doing small procedures along with problem visits. That can be easily fixed with Direct Care Model.

The direct pay model is ideal for any patient who needs or wants to be seen quickly (typically within a week), would like more than 3-5 minutes with the physician, and/or has multiple issues that they would like addressed in one visit. If your insurance plan includes high specialist copays, high deductibles, or restrictions on where you can seek care, the direct pay route is almost always more convenient and typically has significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses than utilizing your insurance.


Why do I have to put a credit card on-file to book an appointment online?


Having a credit card on-file is a common practice in medical practices, especially for specialists. This policy serves a few purposes. This policy helps to reduce patient no-show rates, which translates to quicker, more convenient scheduling for patients who need to book an appointment. It also serves as a convenient, touch-free option to pay for your visit at check out.

There will never be any charges to the credit card account outside of what is discussed and agreed upon during your visit. This highlights one of the huge benefits of going to a direct pay practice; there are no surprise bills or charges!

What types of payment are accepted at your practice?


  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Health Savings Account Funds
  • Flexible Spending Account Funds
  • Venmo – @Montgomerygyn


New patient Gynecology Visit                                 $225/-

New Patient Annual Visit                                         $225/-

Established Patient Problem Visit                          $200/-

Established Patient Annual Visit                            $200/-

New Patient Annual and Problem Visit                  $300/-

Established Patient Annual and Problem Visit     $275/-

Call office at 215-444-3411 or email to staff@montgomerygyn.com to get procedure and surgery pricing.

You can submit claim using REIMBURSIFY App to get reimbursed by your insurance company based on allowable amount by your plan*

*Amount you get reimbursed might not be same as you paid in the office. Payment is based on your out of network benefits and amount allowed to physician services by your plan. Please check with your insurance directly.