da Vinci Gyn surgery

Offering State-of-the-art, Minimally Invasive Surgery

For those patients whose symptoms aren’t relieved through ongoing treatment or medications or who have not had success correcting infertility problems, gynecological surgery is often the next step. Gynecological surgery, such as hysterectomy, is highly effective in providing long-term relief from symptoms but can be highly invasive. Traditional abdominal hysterectomies require longer hospital stays and recovery times. Patients also often experience more complications with these invasive surgeries.

By offering da Vinci robotic surgery, a revolution in gynecological surgery, we are able to avoid the negatives presented by traditional abdominal surgery and deliver the benefits that patients and doctors both seek. Highly effective, the da Vinci Surgical System allows the surgeon the ability to operate with pinpoint precision by improving dexterity and control.

This innovative surgical platform offers a number of benefits to the patient, including

  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Quicker recovery and less downtime
  • Minimal scarring
  • Higher patient satisfaction rates
  • Notably less pain
  • Less bleeding and fewer complications

If your doctor has recommended you for a hysterectomy, make sure to ask about the da Vinci robotic surgery option. Dr. Jonnalgadda, our female gynecologist, will determine your candidacy for the procedure through both consultations and physical exams. Schedule your appointment at Montgomery Gynecology to find out more about minimally invasive surgery options and if they are right for you.

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